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    can't ... install ... program ...

      i was working on video project, and needed after effects
      so when I went to install it I got this error
      "after effects error: sfntread library"

      some info on adobe site said something about
      changing the value in file "AfterFX8.ini" from 0 to 1
      that didn't do anything

      did a google search, said something about an error being created with adobes fonts
      (or something like that)
      and that I should just reinstall it

      it used to be just after effects, now cs3 wont work at all
      it says that its installing, that its installed
      and it just stays like that, it doesn't proceed from there for hours

      tried to cancel installation, thought I could finish/restart installation later. programs seemed to be here, but when I try to run em, says the license is screwed up and I need to reinstall it