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    CS4 Production Premium Installation Problems

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      Just a quick show of hands - is it me or is the install for CS4 Production Premium on Vista terrible?

      Called support a few weeks ago before the holidays, jumped through all of the hoops (clean scripts, Windows Uninstall Cleanup, local copy from the DVDs, disable firewalls, disable Virus apps, disabling selected services..) including the humdinger of UNINSTALLING CS3. (Wow)

      I still get the vague, "Cant' Install ... Contact Support" banners and now CS4 clean scripts say there "Are No Session To Delete"

      I thought, "I'll PAY for support at this point" but again, who finds this amazing ... I called Sales (to buy Support) and was told that even if I bought support it's only available Monday through Friday.

      So this is me, without CS3 or CS4, waiting for Monday to come along.

      Thanks for listening.

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          6 days and 23 tries later - that's not a typo - I finally have CS4 Production Premium installed. While in the end there was no one, "Oh! You need to do THIS..." moment, I thought I would take the time while it's fresh in my head to document all of the things that I did that may have contributed to a successful installation should someone else searching for answers need help.

          In no particular order, just as I recall them...

          - Uninstall CS3. This made me anxious, leaving me with no working software for a while but in hindsight, there's no way around it even though I was told that CS3 and 4 could co-exist.

          - Use the CS3 Clean Script. Judiciously. Liberally. Every Level .. Levels 1 and 2 and the hidden 3 and 4. Multiple times. Think you're done? Run it again to show how much you missed it. One more time.

          - Use the CS4 Clean Script. If you've tried to install CS4 and the installation failed you need to get rid of whatever got installed. This is helpful especially when it doesn't show up in the Programs Control Panel for removal.

          - Get rid of all Adobe folders and files. After using the Uninstallers make sure there are no Adobe folders in your Program Files directory. Also be sure to check the Common Files directory.

          - Get rid of Macromed and Bonjour folders. Same deal - uninstall Bonjour from the Programs Control Panel first, but then delete the folder or at least rename it to Bonjour.old

          - Use the Microsoft Uninstall Cleanup. Sometimes the Programs Control Panel hiccup'd with Adobe product uninstalls leaving rabbit droppings. What the Uninstall Control Panel missed MS Uninstall Cleanup finds and takes care of. Why this isn't the only way to uninstall (since it seems to work so well) I don't know. I'm not a programmer.

          - Download and run the Remove Flash Player .exe. Why this can't just uninstall like its friends I don't know but use this .exe from Adobe's site to remove all traces of Flash.

          - Uninstall virus protection. This was fun. The Adobe rep had me uninstall McAfee (what I use) since a) turning it off in the McAfee panel and b) disabling the service on startup are said to "have no effect" on turning it off ... soooo, I had to uninstall it. Want to make a Windows user nervous? Ask him to uninstall virus protection and then ask him to go get a file or two from the Internets.

          - Turn off startup items. Everything. If you have a kitchen sink, turn that off too.

          - Disable Services. First hide all Microsoft services and then use the Disable All button and restart/reboot.

          - Create a brand new, shiny, fresh-from-the-wrapper Administrator Account. This is JUST for installing CS4. Don't worry - you'll be able to run the suite from the other account you use on a daily basis. This is the account you'll use to try all of the above.

          - Copy the DVDs to your local Hard Drive. I don't know why they had me do this and I don't think they knew either, but at some point if someone said I needed to rub my belly at the same time I would have done it. So I did. I copied all four DVDs, each to it's own directory in a master "CS4" directory. This alone took a full day. It's a strange thing to see a dialog box pop up and say, "Copying 100,837 files". I ran the installation from this local copy.

          That's all I can think of right now. The only other thing I can say is that if you're having problems as I did, persevere, don't give up. Sing a "We're Gonna Win!" song if need be.

          Also - I didn't realize there was a Forum for installation problems .. I use After Effects every day, so my first inclination was to submit my search for fellow miserble people here. My apologies.

          Hope this helps.

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            Another thing I remembered ..

            - Uninstall everything Google. Google bars, Google screensavers, everything.

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              Did you hire an old priest and a young priest?
              How many virgins did you sacrifice?

              I'm glad you got it working, Marc!
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                Red_Jay Level 1
                It's not you. I have been having a nightmare installing CS4 and getting it actually working with Version Cue and Adobe Updater. So far since JANUARY23RD, I've been through 5 tech support contacts, 3 Support Cases (they like to close open ones and make new ones, probably to cheat their metrics higher) and have been promised a call from a Development Tech since the 27th.

                I had a very similar problem with installing CS3, and it was the same runaround then too. The techs always ask the same 3 questions no matter how many times you've been passed around. They tend to fall back on the "nuke everything" approach when it's a problem that is at all complicated. The Version Cue "specialist" wanted me to nuke CS3 saying it was incompatible with CS4, even though Version Cue CS4 CLEARLY says that Version Cue CS3 has to be running in order to migrate your data over.

                This is so clearly faulty installer implementation and Adobe must know it. What makes it worse is that they had the same problems with CS3 and didn't iron out the problems before releasing CS4.

                So, I'm now left with committing Clean Script genocide on all my Adobe products and praying I can still get back my Version Cue data working again.
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                  craulmedia Level 1
                  uh! O_o
                  now i'll never complain to my boss why he does'nt want upgrade to CS4.
                  thanks for your effort guys! no, not you guys at adobe.
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                    Jonas Hummelstrand Level 2
                    Sure, Adobe's installers could and should be improved, but remember the complexity of supporting the billions of combinations of hardware and software.

                    Just remember that computers are like cars; once in a while you need to make a fresh start. You'll be surprised how much faster your machine will become if you just bite the bullit and reinstall.

                    This goes for both Windows and Mac OS X by the way.

                    - Jonas Hummelstrand
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                      Red_Jay Level 1
                      I have to disagree that it's significantly more complex than the multitude of installations of all the other software that I have NEVER had any problems installing. It seems to be only Adobe products that won't install or update correctly. This has been true at least since CS3 and Acrobat 8.

                      My suspicion is that Adobe has adopted anti-piracy techniques that do not reliably install across platforms and configurations, and it is only the complexity of the protection methods that makes their installers fail. The installers seem to try to access parts of the system that no other software package has that I've run across.

                      These problems occurred on a newish system, the only variable for me has been trying to migrate from one version of CS to another. I was able to install after running a Level 4 script (twice) which means it's likely Adobe's handling of their own previous intalled files not the OS. Once CS4 was successfully installed and functioning, of course the updaters then can't handle their own files existing. Scrubbing a system clean of all traces of a company's software or nuking an OS to install a product is not an acceptable solution to a single company's installers' repeated failures over several versions of their software.
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                        Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
                        >I have to disagree that it's significantly more complex than the
                        >multitude of installations of all the other software that I have NEVER
                        >had any problems installing.

                        But then again, most other vendors don't write their own installers and just use MSI in combo with InstallShield or good plain WinAmp installer. And most don't even trouble themselves with providing languages other than English... Other than that, I find your argumentation a bit vague - I don't know of any other product that would install 12 main programs as does a Master Collection and that also installs a ton of fonts, templates, presets and auxiliary tools and does so in a multitude of languages...

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                          craulmedia Level 1
                          Piracy Paranoia is a good argument. I remember the rants with Adobe Flex Licensing and the complete suite was blewn up in the wind by necessarily having changing owners right in OS X in the middle of a project.


                          what about a self check for CS products which runs paralell or separated from the installer keeping the installation consistent, especially if installations can fail due to such possible stupid things like fonts.

                          AjA Kona install software for example does have such a consitence- or better call it "conflict checker".
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                            Red_Jay Level 1
                            >"But then again, most other vendors don't write their own installers"

                            This may be a good reason for Adobe to stop writing their own installers. It is clearly not their core competency. Installshield makes a product that is capable of very complex installations in multiple languages with online product updating prior to the install. It requires some pretty competent engineering to perform installations of that complexity, but a lot less than engineering your own solution and installers are what they do. In any case, I don't see how the fact that they decided to write their own installers in any way excuses that their installers have major problems.

                            >"Other than that, I find your argumentation a bit vague - I don't know of any other product that would install 12 main programs as does a Master Collection and that also installs a ton of fonts, templates, presets and auxiliary tools and does so in a multitude of languages..."

                            I don't know exactly what is vague about it. I gave 3 examples of 3 specific Adobe Apps that have not installed properly. I didn't even mention the notorious Premier Pro from awhile back (different era)

                            As for complex suites of programs... I mention Adobe Acrobat, which was a standalone installation for me until CS4. That's not exactly a big suite, but it had major OS integration and updating problems. I have also attempted to install just a single application in the CS4 suite and experience the same result as if I install the whole thing.

                            As for other big and complex suites, Microsoft Office Professional immediately comes to mind. It has at least 11 major applications, a ton of supporting apps, templates, fonts, and different languages ( although Microsoft takes a more market-specific approach to their product versions instead of dumping a bunch of regions into the same installer). I have not had a single similar problem with installing Office products. Open Office also is a fairly complex suite and no problem with it, plus there is a lot of potential for there to have been conflicts between MS Office and OOffice (do similar things, not made by same company). The most obvious difference between these and Adobe is the anti-piracy approaches those suites take (Open Office not using any and Microsoft using activation and occasional authentication to access their online resources)

                            In any case, whether Adobe's suite is comparable to another is beside the point for me. They charge a very large amount of money for products that have consistently caused major problems with installation and subsequent correct functionality. Whether they are complex or use their own installer doesn't matter to me as an end-user. What does matter is whether their products work consistently, and whether their support is adequate to address problems for their customers who depend on their software for their income. Both are currently not the case and have not been for some time now.
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                              Tim Kurkoski Adobe Employee
                              Hi folks- I thought you might like to know the installation and licensing team at Adobe now hosts their own blog where they are discussing a lot of the topics that have been brought up in this thread.


                              I encourage you to read it and engage with the team via the comments system (in addition to participating in the forum here).

                              Also, don't forget that many folks at Adobe host blogs that cover a wide variety of products and topics. Just go to blogs.adobe.com.

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                                Red_Jay Level 1
                                In case anyone comes to this old discussion via a search, there was a resolution to this for me, and hopefully this will help someone else too.
                                My problem stemmed from Junction Points under Vista. For those who are unfamiliar, Junction Points are symbolic links to other folders that behave as if they are that targeted folder. They are primarily used under Vista to maintain backwards compatibility with applications that point to the old XP locations of various user files. Their icons make them appear as shortcuts, but most are supposed to deny access when you try to open them.

                                However, under my version of Vista, there were permissions settings on the Junction that cause the Adobe Installers problems and therefore failures on many of the update installers.

                                The solution (bigtime special thanks to Matt Laun for his help and persistance) was to change the permissions on the Application Data folder under .\Program Data to explicitly Deny the group "Everyone" List\Read permission. After that (and completely uninstalling the CS4 Suite to remove any files leftover from previous update attempts) the updaters worked without problem.

                                Adobe Drive/Version Cue still don't function correctly (I can get to my files to work with them, but I can't access file versions so there's currently no benefit beyond using a normal folder), but the updater problem at hand is now resolved.
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                                  Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
                                  Hi Jay, that#s odd and by no means should not happen at all. junctions are system only items... :-|. Would be interesting to find out, which other software mesed them up. Still, thanks for posting your solution. Will add it to my "brain 2.0" Wiki. *giggle* ;-)

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                                    This is a great thread. I am about to install CS4 PP on a new Vista 64 bit machine. Do I really need to uninstall Adobe Reader 9? It is the only adobe product I have installed....

                                    So yes, I have a program directory called Adobe with the reader in there.

                                    I mean, it is no big deal but it is installed on almost every default install PC out there, you would think the CS4 installer could handle it. But if so, whatever it takes!

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                                      Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
                                      No, unfortunately things aren't that easy. Due to the various security issues with Acrobat that get fixed with patches and updates, some of the shared libraries will have a different fingerprint/ checksum, which the suite installer may not correctly recognize. This is further compounded by Acro using its own installer mechanism to begin with, so if you run into any trouble, it would be wise to remove Acrobat. also do not forget to remove any Adobe AIR applications, Acrobat.com and similar. These things will not be removed automatically, but there are a few known issues, where older versions of AIR will prevent installs of CS4 products.

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                                        AE CS4 crashes on launch - Error 150:30, As soon as I open up a program, a window pops up saying I need to restart and to call my administrator or support person and mention a 150:30 error code? Can anyone help... I'm trying to learn AE with the 30 day trial version on my Macbook, In one day i got this error not able launch the software... Please help me, thanks
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                                          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
                                          See the other thread and please don't post in multiple places. If you're uncertain, it's even better to open up an entirely new thread. Thanks.