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    After Effects sound source issue

    sharkcellar Level 1
      I have two audio cards on my computer one is an Audiophile 2496 and the other is for my Digi 001. I've been frustrated because I can't get AE to acknowledge the Digi 001's ASIO. AE seems to play audio only through my 2496 card, no matter how much I tell it to use the Digi 001 care, via the audio hardware preferences...or so I thought. I've just discovered that if I use the preview audio only feature, Voila! I get sound coming out of the Digi 001. But if I try to do a regular RAM preview the audio is stubbornly ONLY coming out of my 2496 card, not both of them (which it shouldn't). I can't figure out why AE is doing this at all.
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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
          Is the 001 designated as the primary audio device in your system settings? If not, this could quite well explain your issues. I'd check and see if switching stuff around makes any difference. Also make sure to not run any concurrent tasks that may initialize the wrong card/ switch outputs on the fly/ lock audio channel mapping. This could e.g. be the WinAmp quick access tray app or something like that...