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    How To Make an AE CS4 Comp Work In PrePro CS4?

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      (System is a Quad, 4GB, and 3 large HDrv's, none of which is over half full. Vista 32-bit with all updates. Latest nVidia driver.)

      AE OpenGL status says every OpenGL feature is "Supported".

      Made a 17 sec comp in AE CS4 with cartoon effect applied. The AE preview window has the desired look to it.

      Objective is to get that 17-sec's useable in Pr CS4.
      Both the AE comp and the Pr project are of the same dimensions (1920x1080), PAR(1), and fps(29.97), and the raw files in AE are of the ones that are in the Pr Project. In Premiere, cache is on C:, Scratch and Project on D:, raw files on E:

      1. From AE, render using the defaults for Render Settings (Best) and Outut Module (Lossless) - render dies before it starts with a sheep sound, no log or error msg. What type of error could make AE silently abort a render?

      2. From AE, render using custom settings to produce an output file that Pr should import (such as mpeg). Render completes. File does import into Pr but no effects are present, just the raw-file look. What possible setting could prevent AE from applying the effects to a rendered output?

      3. From Pr, import a Pr project that was made and exported by AE, and
      a) view it in the Source monitor, but source monitor displays only the first frame without any effects. Scrub the CTI, still only 1st frame. Is there something wrong with the Project made by AE?
      b) place it onto a new sequence. The Program Monitor remains blank. The timeline is pink. What does a pink item on a timeline in Pr indicate?
      c) Attempt to Sequence > Render Entire Work Area. It begins but says it'll take >20 hours (over 1 minute a frame). During this time Task Manager shows AfterFX.exe has constant page faults, thousands every second and sometimes as many as 30,000 to 40,000. Page faults imply insufficient memory. Does this mean 4GB of system memory is not enough for a 17-sec AE comp with Premiere? Is this something that can be done only with a 64-bit system and lots more memory?

      4. From Pr, import the AE project, which imports OK. However, results are same as 3. above.

      5. From Pr, attempt Dynamic Link with File > Adobe Dynamic Link > Import After Effects Composition. The AE project appears, put that in a Sequence. Results are similar to 3. and 4. above.
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          The Cartoon effect is twitchy somehow. It seems to resort to graphics hardware even when you tell it not to... Did you disable OpenGL in AE completely and attempt a render? If not, please try that first. Move the AE_OpenGL.aex out of C:\Program Files\Adobe\After Effects CS4\Support files\Plug-Ins\Extensions to a different location outside the AE install directory and see if the render goes through.