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    wiggle expression on 3d light intensity

    mr. ichybob Level 1
      I want to use a wiggle expression on the intensity property of a 3d spot light to give the effect of distant firelight. Not working for me, can this work? or is it not the appropriate expression for this?

      OS 10.4 CS3


      EDIT: ACK! now it's working -- wiggle(3,100) does work. Sorry.

      Would anyone recommend a better way to show a flickering light? I tried a cuckaloris rotating and shining the light through it but it didn't look right.

      Thanks again.
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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
          Depends on what effect you're after. In the real world this effect is usually not that pronounced and spreads quite evenly. Only on film does it look very contrasty due to the color treatments. Therefore overlaying e.g. a Fractal Noise effect, tinted, reduced in contrast and scaled quite large, then its Evolution parameter animated could also serve as some sort of flickering effect. Likewise, a number of Glows and adjustment effects could be used in combination with masks...

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            Without seeing at least a still frame of what you're working on it's difficult to come up with a specific suggestion. In most cases where you are trying to mimic real world lighting effects you will have more success if you work your compositions in 32bit (float).

            Flickering firelight makes little or no change in the shadows, very subtle changes in the midtones and only subtle changes in highlights. The most obvious change is in specular highlights and in shadow angle because the brightest part of the flame is actually changing position. Working in float and possibly using multiple copies of your footage with different blend modes and animated opacity may be a better way to go.
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              mr. ichybob Level 1
              thanks both for the great tips, I'll try them out.