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    AE CS4 Windows Vista x64

      I have searched for this topic so I apologize in advance if the question has been asked and I have missed it!

      I am running AE CS4 on Vista x64. I initially used 4 GB RAM and when AE started it reported using 3% of 3.1GB RAM. This made sense.

      I recently upgraded to 8GB RAM. I set the system BIOS accordingly and now Vista reports 8.00GB RAM. However, when I start AE CS4 it now reports using 2% of 4GB RAM. My first question is why does it not report using 8GB RAM? Is this because it is a 32 bit application. What is strange is that when I check preferences under memory and multiprocessing AE reports 8GB RAM being available and allows me to make RAM preview/render performance slider settings accordingly.

      Any help or explanation concerning this topic would be greatly appreciated.

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          AE may see 8 GB, but at its core it is still a 32bit app, which indeed means that each single program instance can address a maximum of 4GB. Only for multiprocessing more RAM can be used, but then in such a manner, that each program instance will manage its own memory block as an independent process without the others knowing about it. Hence it does not extend RAM previews in any way nor will it magically allow you to use bigger images while avoiding those pesky image buffer errors. The 2% thing is normal and hinges on how the processes are initialized within the extended memory manager. If you only have 4GB, some memory extensions are never used, but if you have more, those kick in and prevent AE from probing the available memory immediately. Only once the blocks have been organized (= the program is fully active) will it be able to do so.

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            Thanks very much for your detailed response and it certainly explains what I am seeing and what I suspected.