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    No Audio/No Sound

      I can't seem to get my audio tracks to work in After Effects. The file types I've tried are .wav and .aiff, both file types don't play any audio in After Effects.

      These files work fine in Final Cut, Quick Time, in Logic Pro, and in iTunes, but not in After Effects.

      I've also checked my audio preferences, which are correct, and set to my midi keyboard xStation. All audio files work fine via my xStation, except in After Effects. These audio files even work fine in Final Cut via my xStation.

      The book I have and the After Effects Help section don't solve my problem.

      What am I doing wrong - or missing?
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          (Steve_Patterson) Level 1
          How are you trying to playback your audio?
          After placing it in your timeline, you need to either generate a RAM preview (hit the "zero" key on the numeric keypad), or invoke an "audio only" preview by hitting the "period" key.
          Are you using either of those methods?
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            Todd_Kopriva Level 8
            Are you having trouble with previewing audio or with audio not being included when you render and export a composition?

            If the former, read the "Preview video and audio" section of After Effects Help and report back here with detailed results.

            If the latter, please tell us more about what format you're exporting to and what your render settings and output module settings are.
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              Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
              As the others already said - AE requires generating previews for audio to be audible properly. During scrubbing in the timeline, you can however hold down the Cmd key to get a choppy and rough idea about sound. If that doesn't solve your problem, presumably you may need to play with the order and priorities of your audio devices on the system level, i.e. disable the internal audio hardware entirely, so AE only sees your extended setup and is forced to use it.