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    ref monitor via pinnacle moviebox 9


      I wanna use a 14" television as ref monitor via a Pinnacle moviebox. I can buy a moviebox 9 ultimate with usb..
      After effects CS3 only listed firewire in the preferences > video preview

      Does AE CS3 work with a moviebox with USB plug?

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
          Most likely not. For this to work, the hardware would either have to pose as a video device by ways of a specific AE plugin for comp previewing, or as an extended desktop. I'm reasonably sure these cheap boxes are not considered a worthwile target for such an development effort even by the vendors themselves, though. The FireWire only works, because both Windows and OSX provide native support in the operating system, so no specific drivers are necessary (but you still need a camera or something to actually convert the data stream to a signal for a monitor).