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    How to use keylight to send clip back to premiere with transparency

      I am a novice :)...
      I brought in an avi file to After Effects with a subject shot against a green screen.
      I succesfully got all the green out and my background is all now black (I don't have anoter backgroung layer, my goal here is key out the background in AE so I can use the resulting file in Premiere.

      When I export the clip back to an avi file and then import it into Premiere and layer it on top of another image I still have all the black in my 1st avi file.

      I have two questions?

      1. Am I doing something wrong or is this just not possible.
      2. Semi unrelated - is it possible to export the file as h.264 from AE and then use that inside Premiere CS4 instead of my avi file.

      Thank you for your time.