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    AE multiplexed .mp4 rendering

      I've looked at the FAQ, and it seems like this -must- be a FAQ, but no luck.

      In AE CS4, I want to render H.264, HD 720p, 29.97fps, 48kHz, *multiplexed* mp4 from AE. For the life of me, I can't figure out how. H.264 Blu-ray gives only some unmultiplexed settings, and straight H.264 is only NTSC. I've switched through all the presets, tried my best to do it manually, bowed to the altar, etc. but I /just can't/ figure out how to do it.

      I can dynamic link and render in Premiere Pro. Is that my only option? I don't want to do the fox-trot with PPro (who I'm not on kissie-lovie terms with anyway), and do I even trust PP to render faithfully?

      AE offers transport stream (TS) multiplexing, but Quicktime doesn't read it, and it seems snarfed.

      Is there some magic to multiplexed PS HD H.264 in AE CS4?