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    batch import MXF files

      Is there a way to batch import MXF files from a hard drive into AE?

      The hard drive has about 100 folders - and inside each is a CONTENT folder, inside of which is a VIDEO folder that contains a single MXF file.

      So do I need to navigate into each MXF file one at a time? Seems like there must be an easier way!!!
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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
          You could try the Smart Import script that comes with AE. It may need some minor adjustments for your purposes, but should provide a way around the matter. You could also try to drag&drop import all folders at once and see, if AE makes any sense of it....

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            heybobbo Level 1
            Can you tell me more about this Smart Import Script? I can't find anything online - or even in Adobe help - that mentions it....
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              heybobbo Level 1
              I found File>Scripts>smartImport, but it didn't do what I wanted - and I'm not sure how to edit it.

              But then I opened Adobe Bridge. I did a FIND in the folder that contains all my P2 CONTENT folders, and chose "filename contains .mxf" + "filesize is larger than 30,000 KB" (to eliminate the smaller mxf files, which would probably be the separate audio files), and it found 79 files from the 80 folders!

              then I selected all, chose file>place>in after effects, and it loaded them into AE!!

              I just had to go back and find out which folder the missing file was in by matching numbers. it was a 10MB video clip, which is probably nothing I need anyway...