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    adding text animator property to text layer through scripts

      hi all,

      sorry to keep asking such questions, but i can't add the "Animator #" property to a text layer :(

      i have tried the following lines to get to the properties that you get when you add a Text Animator:


      layer("Text")("ADBE Text Animator");

      layer("Text").addProperty("ADBE Text Animator");

      layer.addProperty("ADBE Text Animator");

      layer.addProperty("Animator 1");

      layer("Text")("ADBE Text Animator").addProperty("Blur");
      and all equivilant forms of such lines

      sorry if i'm asking this when I should have the answer to this by now...
      i've tried looking the internet for example scripts where this has been done, but i haven't had much luck... i think there's something wrong with what i've been typing into the search