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    windows delayed write failed wmv

      Getting windows delayed write failed message when rendering wmv movies from CS3/4 to a network drive. Works ok rendering locally, and other output options like QT are fine.

      After Effects 7 doesn't have this problem.

      Someone else has reported it on creative cow but i haven't seen any solutions yet.

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
          Internet Zone Settings perhaps. some of the security updates adjust zone settings which in turn will lead to some file types being "quarantined" for a few miliseconds, if they are written by a specific user from a specific zone. These things can be adjusted in your group policies, both locally and on the server.

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            Sounds like it might be that, could you give me any more pointers as to what setting to check/un-check? I have tried setting my Local intranet security level to low but that didn't work.

            Many thanks for the glimmer of hope!
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              Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
              I would suspect that you need to enable one of the "always write files immediately" thingies on your server and set the alert level to low. I don't have the exact specs handy, but if I don't forget, I can have a quick look at our server settings and provide more clues. Might also be some more generic Domain setting for a given group of users...

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                If you could point out what needs to be changed that would really help, had a quick look with our sys admin and everything was just on default settings and we didn't know what to alter.

                This is causing us a lot of headaches.
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                  Todd_Kopriva Level 8
                  You can contact Adobe Technical Support for help with issues like this. You are entitled to a certain number of free calls for "installation issues, basic usage questions, and troubleshooting unexpected behavior for documented features".

                  For information on what free technical support you're entitled to, see this page:

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                    Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
                    Sorry, as suspected I had forgotten to look it up. ;-) Just had a quick look now. I'm not doing this fulltime and our server is in German, so bear with me for some inaccuracies. There are 3 things you should look into:

                    - Internet settings: Allow file transfers outside of domain --> should be enabled, in case your user and computer is not part of the domain
                    - Internet settings: Handle files based on content, not extension --> should be set to extension. It's quite possible that by using the MIME types, your files get locked because that particular ActiveX controls is being blocked.

                    This is all for the Intranet zone and can be set from the respective control panel. I'd double-check with gpedit.msc, though. The third thing is some network setting for allowing to write files immediately without authentication. Weird thing is, I'm 100% certain I've seen it once, but can't seem to find it now, so maybe do some digging on the MS knowledge base.

                    A general idea, that came to my mind: Check all your users on the server and their group and domain settings. Some updates change group permissions back to factory defaults and you may manually need to set them to the customized values again. Hope this helps at least a tiny bit.