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    Layer Opacity percentage from Photoshop is different in After Effects

      When importing a layered PS CS3 document into AE CS3 with layers set to different opacity, AE interprets the % differently. AE displays the % as a whole number but when you click on the field you can see the number goes to at least the thousandths.

      This is an issue as our animators need to usually make footage loop perfectly and if they use the default imported value as the start value, and then change it over time and then create a new keyframe at the end of the loop to the whole number it displays, it is actually different so there is a slight shift.

      As you can see in this example:

      PS layer opacity = 10%
      AE layer opacity = 10.196%

      PS layer opacity = 20%
      AE layer opacity = 20%

      PS layer opacity = 30%
      AE layer opacity = 30.196%

      PS layer opacity = 40%
      AE layer opacity = 40%

      PS layer opacity = 22%
      AE layer opacity = 21.0968%

      PS layer opacity = 88%
      AE layer opacity = 87.8431%

      Anyone else know why this is happening? This is a mind boggler for me.

      FYI, our Macs are running:
      OS X 10.5.4
      AE CS3
      PS CS3 10.0.1