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    After Effects CS3 SOUND BUFFER memory problem

      In After Effects CS3, I have this big 25 minutes project. Since the beginning it had problems with the audio, but it managed to make it, with slow renders, etc. The problem was exporting audio. But it got worse and worse, and even though I reduced the project, I just updated to Quicktime 7.6 and there's when it completely stopped doing it. The error message is:

      After Effects: not enough memory to create sound buffer.
      (882016k requested, 848376k available)

      And then:

      After Effects Error: Quicktime export failed - bad parameter (-50)

      I have a MacPro
      OS 10.4.11
      2 x 2.66 GHz Dual-Core
      3 GB RAM
      After Effects 8.0.2 / Quicktime 7.6

      Please help, I need to render this today and I'm completely stuck