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    How do I get 2 different 3D positions in one comp?


      I'm fairly new to making 3d composition, so i began making a comp with only 3d text layers.

      I've been working on this thing since three days and it's gotten huge, so now I have a problem for the first 30 seconds of the video al the 3d layers are in the same "perspective" but for the other half I want to use another "perspective" but when I switch a text layer to 3d for the second "perspective" it snaps way back to the position of the first 3d text layer.

      1)I don't want to drag all the layers from the first 3d object over to the part I'm working on.
      2)I want all the 3d text layer from the second half of the video to have the same perspective so I don't have to change al of this by hand wich is impossible to do and very tedious.

      But I have no clue how to change this without spending days on rotating X,Y and Z

      Thanks in advance,