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    Adobe MEdia Encoder Crashes with big files inputed

      There isn't a forum for the Adobe Media Encoder, so I thought this would be a good spot. I am an after effects and Premiere user who likes the idea Adobe seems to have of using the media encoder to cover all my encoding needs.

      My typical workflow, especially since these days I'm doing more shorter form animations, is to render out to a Quicktime Animation codec file as my main archive file. From there, output all the various different web versions, flv, etc from that core archive file. Since my projects usually aren't running more than 5 minutes, this leaves me with a nice 3 - 7gig file.

      Problem: I'm running CS4 and the media encoder crashes when I input files that are in this file size range. The program locks up when I push start que, and then eventually crashes. Works fine with smaller size files that are about under a gig.

      I can run a render out of after effects, which seems to be more stable. But I'd love to be able to use this great new tool.

      Here's my machine specs if it helps:

      Intel Quad Core Q9550 @ 2.83 ghz
      4gB RAM
      Windows Vista 64 bit ultimate

      All updates current for CS4 apps as of 01/30/08

      Running Adobe Media Encoder V 4.01.078

      Hard drives are nothing special. 7200 rpm western digital internal and external. I've tried all sorts of hard drive configurations, where the input is coming from, where it's going, etc. No difference.

      I have been experimenting with using Lossless AVI's as my "uncompressed" archive file. Works well, but same crashing with the Media Encoder.

      Also tried experimenting with frame size alterations during encoding, no difference there. Also, whatever the output codec is, be it FLV, H264, etc. no difference.

      Anyone have any thoughts or have experienced similar issues? I hope all my MAC friends aren't right, seems like all my attempts to streamline my workflow with this CS4 and beefy PC combo are crashing and burning.

      Anyone else feeling this pain, or have recommendations?

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          craulmedia Level 1
          is your HDD FAT or NTFS formatted?

          try using PNG codec, Foto-Jpeg or Motion Jpeg at 100%
          PNG is uncompressed and handles alpha as well.
          the two last Jpeg codecs leave you with a more reasonable file size and you won't see a difference in quality compared to animation codec which uses much more ressources for ENcoding and DEcoding.

          Also i recommend buying a license for sheer video codec http://www.bitjazz.com/en/products/sheervideo/index.php
          it's an amazing algorhytm they use for ENcoding video.

          but, as for any software, it could be a bug in media encoder.

          by the way: as you're running vista 64Bit with 4Gig of RAM read the comment at the end of this Livedocs, may it will increase your render power.

          much luck.
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            Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
            AME is twitchy on Macs and PCs. Beyond that platform wars are pointless (which you can quote me on to your friends). PCs can just be as easy to use and reliable. Specific to your problem you may simply run out of RAM. Unlike AE, AME is fully multithreaded and in addition loads large chunks into RAM to do its analysis for compression, sometimes it attempts to load the entire file. I would assume that this frame lookup makes it go *poof*. Whether this can be considered a bug is an open question, it certainly is not always desirable. In your case you may be able to get better behavior by adjusting the processor affinity in your task manager to tone down the "aggressiveness". short of that I'm not aware of any other workarounds, AME does not provide any performance tweaking itself.

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              Thomas, thanks for your suggestions on Vista optimization. That Sheer Codec looks nice, but hard justify the cost when I've been working for years with essentially uncompressed codecs that work well. Will play more though to see if the cost would actually pay off in the long run though.

              In general I made a decision that it was too early to throw in the towel on my old uncompressed codecs. The Quicktime animation codec has always been for me the safest, most universally accepted, and most reliable "uncompressed" codec. It's always worked in the past, not gonna give up just cuz media Encoder CS4 has troubles.

              Mylenium, thanks for the reminder about the silly platform wars. I've always felt the same as you, but when I'm stressing sometimes the silly propaganda can get to me. Makes me forget that no matter what system ya got, it never works perfect!

              Here's an update. I have trying my best to learn more about the bug and have come to some interesting realizations. The AME does work with larger files, just not the larger files that I had been using at the current moment. Older files of mine as big as 20GB can be inputed into AME with fine results.

              This being said, it scratches out most of the RAM overload thoughts with AME.

              The difference with my current files that were causing AME crashes: larger than a few GB, came from AE, had the 1.21 pixel aspect ratio metadata.

              When I re-interpreted the file in AE into a square pixel aspect ratio, exported it, it was then successfully inputed into AME.

              I have read just now that there were changes in After Effects widescreen pixel aspect ratio interpretation in CS4. Can this change be causing problems in my AME. Not positive, but I'm now thinking after many days of testing that the bug could have its roots somewhere in this ball park.

              If anyone from Adobe is reading this, I would love any ideas you might have on this issue. In general, there is really no support for the Adobe Media Encoder itself. This is not good, considering how it is so necessary for AE and Premiere users like myself.

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                Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
                Quite possible that it isn't handling the PAR stuff correctly. Since I almost always use squarified output, I guess it never occurred to me that this could be a problem... Sorry for the inconvenience, we really should have tested this more. Would be nice if you could file your findings to the bug report form, so it gets added to the internal development databases.


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                  Hi Mylenium, thanks for follow up. Will test a little more and confirm but from there will post info to the bug report. 2 quick questions if you don't mind:

                  1. Where would I post this info in the bug report. The bug report, like the forums for support here at Adobe, don't seem to include a pull down for the Media Encoder.

                  2. Question for the process you use for squarifying Quicktimes out of AE. I have had a couple projects come up where the output will be played on a (what would I guess now be called a "classic" standard def) widescreen monitor with a 1.21 pixel aspect ratio. Because of this, I like to work in the Widescreen aspect ratio comp setting in AE. It's helpfull to use the preview toggle to jump between what I will actually output, versus how the widescreen monitor will display it.

                  So ultimately I'll export a 720x480 Quicktime. This is displayed as square PAR on my comp screen when played back in QT, as it should. Going to the Movie info within quicktime does not reveal any PAR metedata. But when I take that exported file and input it into AE, it interprests that file as having a PAR of 1.21. AE is correct in this, somehow there must be some metadata in the file that AE leaves in it.

                  But the point of me saying all this is how can I export a Quicktime (this also occurs with No Compression AVI's) without having that PAR data attached to it?

                  Thanks for your help,
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                    rrogertbb Level 1
                    Can I jump in here with an AME problem (I think) - I have tried using it to render out an After effects project, setting H264 but the AE comp has an alpha channel which when rendered out of AME is black (background in AE project comp set to white) any advice please Regards Roger