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    3D rotation problem

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      I have a simple comp with a camera and one layer which is 3D.

      I want the layer to rotate counterclockwise from -90 (so the layer is invisible), to about -55 quickly so I set kf 1 at -90 and the second kf at -55 10 frames later.
      Then I want to go slowly from -55 to +55, so I put a third KF at +55 , 3 seconds later.
      Then I want to rotate further back to -90 to make the layer invisible again, so 10 frames later, I put a fourth kf at -90 again.

      However, between KF 3 and 4, the layer reverses direction and goes clockwise back to perpendicular.
      Is there someway to make the layer continue it's counterclockwise rotation. I experimented with both + and - 90, but it still won't work.
      Thanks in advance.
      John Rich
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          To continue rotation in a clockwise direction you add to the rotation value, to rotate counter clockwise you subtract. Your keyframes should look like this
          0x, -90º
          0x -55º
          0x 55º
          0x 90º

          Viewed from the top this would give you clockwise rotation.

          If you want counter clockwise rotation then start at 90º, then 55º, then -55º, ending up at -90º

          To make the layer go clear around so that it completes a complete 360º turn from beginning to end use a value of 270º (-90 + 360 = 270)
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            Thanks for help.