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    Advice on building a PC for AE

    KennFletch Level 1
      This past year I built a computer for the first time. It was pretty cool I wouldn't say I know a lot about the tech even though I did it.

      The PC is a q6600 Quadcore, ASUS P5K3 Deluxe Wifi, 8GB RAM DDR3, Seagate HDD, in NVIDIA GC, and XP 64Bit. Runs pretty well. I'm a graphic designer hoping to get into some Motion Graphic Design. But the it runs slow in AE, or at least the viewport update. Renders fast and fine.

      Can you guys just tell me what I need to run fast in the viewport. I'm getting like 1 frame a sec. I'm guessing its my motherboard. Can someone point out a specific motherboard or just tell me a spec of a machine you know runs well. I don't want a big lag when using effects. Thanks.