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    way to trim precomp to current layer time?

    andymator Level 1
      I've got an animation pretty much done as far as timing goes and everything. Now I'm going back and editing some things that require adding a few layers to add some things to the current layer that already is trimmed appropriately to the correct time.

      Anyone know of a script or something that will create a composition from a layer using the length of the layer's in and out point instead of the whole comp time?

      Right now I'm opening the precomp, hitting "i" "b" "o" "n", then right clicking on the comp range bar, choosing trim to comp time. Then I go back to the main comp, move the time back to where the layer previously started and hitting "["

      So it all goes by pretty quick, but I consistently have to do that like 20 times. And no, it isn't completely necessary, but if I have to give the file to someone else it makes it Much easier to see what's going on if they can see the actual length of a layer. If you leave it at default it appears the layer is needed for the entire composition.

      So, is there a way to script that or something? I usually just need to do something like add some text, simulate a graphic display, or create some fake animated depth of field or something like that. I don't like to add more than one layer per action in the main comp, so if more is needed then i usually precompose it as to not have more than a hundred layers or so for the bulk of the comp.