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    Adding Effects to a "Masked" clip??

      Hello, and thanks for your time,
      Kinda stuck here...

      I have a composition that is made from a series of frames one layer and a mask (luma track matte)on top of it in another layer.

      it looks good, it works, but I would like to slap on an effect such as glow and make the objects glow in th frames in the layer below the mask.

      in fact it is hard to apply any effect since the mask or luma track matte is influencing the frames underneath...

      Is there a way to apply the glows to the frames below and have it show through the luma track matte??

      thanks for any tips or suggestions. P
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          I don't really understand what you are trying to say, but what about using Stencil Alpha blending mode instead of mattes? Should be easy enough to insert any number of layers/ adjustment layers inbetween without breaking down the actual structure too much. And of course simply consider pre-composing and duplicating your layer in the main comp to apply the Glow...

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            thanks, i'll give it a try but I was experimenting with Stencil Alpha's before and I found that it blocked out the rest of my composition (i.e other objects and other layers). I found that Luma trank matte masked what needed to be masked but without blocking or masking out the rest of the animation..
            I hope that makes sence, kind of hard to explain, but I will try your suggestion out and see what happens...stand by.