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    Video Wall

    deakant Level 1
      Hi all,
      I have been curious how you make this

      I know about the 3D camers. But how do get the gaps made and the gapss lined up, and then the images to fit?

      Or is their a tutorial?

      Thnak you josel
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          Ko Maruyama User Group Manager
          Are you talking about automating the gap size or alignment?

          Remember: Position measure from an anchor point of one layer to the anchor point of another layer.

          It shouldn't be too difficult to come up with an offset (gap) if all of your videos are the same size.
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            deakant Level 1
            Hi Ko,
            I am talking about automating the gaps, but you mention anchor points?
            How do I use anchor points to maintain the gaps?

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              Ko Maruyama User Group Manager
              You can use an offset value in an expression to widen/narrow the gaps between layers. (It might not be a bad idea to have the expression while you're designing - just in case you need to create a global change to the gap)

              I seem to remember a script that would do it all for you with a selected range of layers, but I can't remember what it's called.

              You'll probably control all of these with a NULL.

              I think this would work:

              If your video layers are each 720x540, and the first (or center) screen would have an offset value of (0,0,0) when parented to the null, AND if you wanted to have a gap value of 10px, you would add that to the layer's width or height plus instance value for the next instance.

              After that, you would multiply the instance value and the (layer width+offset). (Positive values would move the layer right; negative values would move it left)

              Moving Right:
              Layer 0 = (0,0,0)
              Layer 1 = 1 * (width + offset) or (720+10) or (730, 0,0)
              Layer 2 = 2 * (width + offset) or (2*730) or (1460, 0, 0)
              Layer 3 = 3 * (width + offset) or (3*730) or (2190, 0, 0)...

              Moving Down:
              Layer 0 = (0,0,0)
              Layer 1 = 1 * (height + offset) (540+10) or (0,550,0)
              Layer 2 = 2 * (height + offset) (2* 550) or (0, 1100,0)...

              Don't forget that After Effects will handle the math for you if you use the proper function buttons (+, -, *, /) Don't use 'x' for multiplication. ;)

              There is probably script for this at Aenhancers or on Jeff's site or Lloyd's site.

              Unfortunately, Align&Distribute doesn't work in 3D.
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                Ko Maruyama User Group Manager
                Lloyd for the win (maybe)....

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                  Andrew Yoole MVP & Adobe Community Professional
                  Tutorial here:

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                    deakant Level 1
                    Thank uou all very much.