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    AE CS4 running very slow.

      I am presently working on a project which began life in AE CS3, the file is almost unusable in CS4.
      Looking at it again in CS3 on a another workstation it is indeed many times faster and more usable.??
      Running an 8core mac 10.5.6 with 8GB ram and open GL and simultaneous processing turned off.
      Using version 9.01.51 of AE CS4. (checked on a duplicate build workstation with exactly the same problem)
      CS4 is now my main AE app but I now face a reinstall of CS3 with all the pain that brings just so that I can work in a complex file I created a few months ago.

      Can anyone throw any light on why this is the case? Again CS4 disappoints, I never got multiprocessing to work efficiently either, but that another story.