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    Isolating Memory Error - not enough memory to create shadow map

    DVDmike Level 1
      I have purchased several of the LME collections of pre-built AE projects. Its rare that I use them. But now that I am trying to use one of them, it will not render on several machines.

      In particular, I am using the "Amazing Video Photo Display", All_comps", project, Dominoes patterns, 023-Dominoes_3 comp. I get the AE error message "not enough memory to create shadow map, 87044k requested 32124K available".

      Does anyone have any idea what this error message might be an indication of? I have tried rendering in AE7, CS3 and CS4 on XP32 and XP64 machines. The XP 64 machine has 8GB ram installed, the others have 4GB.

      Let me know if I need to post more information that might help narrow down the problem.

      Thank you.