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    Need assistance with workflow for AVCHD

      I am shooting against a green screen with Canon HF11. Ideally I would like to import the AVCHD file into Premiere Pro, right click on it, choose replace with After Effects footage which would then take my clip into after effects, let me apply keylight, and then return a clip into Premiere with transparency.

      I ended up getting a clip with a black background and not transparent.

      I then imported the avchd file directly into Premiere thinking I could render it to Quicktime with alpha channel (this worked well for my non HD projects. I ended up getting the same black background.

      At this point I am looking for guidance as to the best workflow. Should I convert my AVCHD files before brining them into Premiere CS4 or AECS4?

      FYI my ultimate output will be both You Tube hi def and Blue Ray....

      Thank you,

      Chris Corcoran
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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
          No idea. This may be a specific problem with the camera model and the files it generates...

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            Andrew Yoole MVP & Adobe Community Professional
            You haven't explained your workflow very clearly. What file format are you using with alpha channel when you return to PPro from AE? As far as I'm aware, AVCHD doesn't support embedded alpha channels.

            Personally, I'd convert all files for AE into lossless quicktime files before you do any work on them.
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              chriscorcoran Level 1
              Thanks Andrew.
              I am shooting in 1440x1080 60i to create the AVCHD file.
              Would it be best them to take all my AVCHD clips and convert them to quicktime files with Adobe Media Encoder?
              Would you choose the animation codec? There are a few other options I am not sure on but have stumbled through.
              I set frame rate in media encoder to 29.97, progressive (since it was shot at 60i does that mean I should choose interaced? Progressive seems to work OK).
              Codec settings offer 8, 16, or 32 bit. I don't know what to choose there.
              For aspect ratio I chose HD Anamorphic (should I choose square pixels). The reason I chose anamorphic is that 1440/1080 = 1.333 and that was the only setting with that aspect ratio.

              Thanks again for your help. I'm new to a lot of this (obviously)...