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    Export Format for Windows Desktop

      I am new in After Effects and I want to know what should I use for Export Format for a film which will be seeing on Windows Desktops.
      I put the Composing to the Render List. But what Format should I use?
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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
          What do you mean? View the image as a clip? In that case, choose Windows Media (WMV). For images, use JPEG or BMP.

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            Yes! I want to view it in Windows Mediaplayer or some other Player on a PC.
            I imported many jpg's as a sequenz and edit them to my final movie. Now I want to export it but I don't know the best format for it.
            I exported it as WMV but in gradients the color looks not so nice. The stripes can be seen excessive. The file-size is good. only 2,4MB for 35s at 1000x700 10fps

            Is there any other format which I should use for this job? A balance between quality and file size.
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              Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
              The stripes are banding, which is common to all 8bpc formats, which by and large includes most common video file formats. you can reduce it by adding some slight noise to your imagery, but it will never go away completely and, which is compounding the problem, least of all with a low framerate such as yours, where the eye has enough time to detect any flaws because the current frame is visible rather long. Ramping it up to more common framerates like 24 or 30 fps will certainly improve matters as well. In addition, have the project being processed at 16bpc. This will result in more suitable dithering to begin with...