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    cornerpin question

      hey there,
      i'm pretty sure there's a way to do this, but i can't seem to find the info very easily. let's say i'm putting a music video into a TV screen. i track the 4 corners of the tv using a perspective grid. i apply the trackers to the music video footage and it snaps into place, mostly. the points that were tracked aren't EXACTLY in the correct spots, so tracker 1, for example, is a little too high and tracker 4 is a little too low. i think there's a way to add an adjustment layer and pick-whip each tracker so that i can nudge each one into their correct spots and it will last for the duration. am i on the right track here?

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
          Check out this, it's exactly meant for this kind of work:


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            davegots Level 1
            Thanks Mylenium. I installed it this morning and gave it a quick whirl. It didn't work on the 1st attempt, but I'll try it again when I get back to it. Just wanted to say thanks for the response. I take it then that using this plug-in is easier than the method I was trying - to pick whip the parameters to an adjustment layer?
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              Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
              It employs the same methodology, but calculates relative offsets and interpolates them rather than absolutes, meaning that you can fix segments that are wrong without affecting intact ones. And being a script, it can modify any type of keyframe, including mask shapes, which is particularly useful on occasion.