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    Photoshop transparency & 3D layer

      Hi all,
      I have imported a Photoshop file into AE which is basically a logo on a tranparent background. I want to animate the logo in 3D so I toggled the 3D layer switch in the comp. But if I do that the transparency of the layer dissapears and I get a black background. Any idea how can I maintain the original tranparency?
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          It's probably transparent. Put a colored solid behind it.

          If you see a checkerboard (transparency in Photoshop) you'll have transparency in AE. AE's composition window defaults to a black background. You can show the same transparency grid that you see in Photoshop by clicking on the little checkerboard in the Composition window.
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            Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
            Also make sure, everything is right with your OpenGL. Perhaps your graphics system does not support transparencies in textures correctly. If so, turn off OpenGL usage and/or tweak individual feature usage in the prefs.

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              Tpfkas Level 1
              Thanks guys for your help.
              It turned out that the transparency of the layer only works if you also toggle the 3D switch on of the layers behind the transparent image. I don't have a clue why, but you either have to set the 3D switch on or off of both layers to have the top layer show it's tranparency.
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                Andrew Yoole MVP & Adobe Community Professional
                No you don't. What you were seeing was the upper 3D layer with transparency, sandwiched on top of a 2D layer. When you activated 3D on the lower layer, the lower layer clearly shifted in 3D space (according to your camera's position) revealing background, thus making the transparency of the upper layer visible.

                Try switching the rear layer back to 2D, then move it completely out of the viewable frame - I'm sure you'll see your upper 3D layer has transparency.
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                  Tpfkas Level 1
                  Hi Andrew,

                  I don't quite understand what you are trying to say.

                  And it is quite difficult to check what happens when I move the layer behind the transparent picture out of the way, because the transparent area in AE will show in black. I can't see the difference between "black" and "transparent black". ;-)
                  Anyway, I can live by just toggling all layers to 3D.
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                    Dear Ton,

                    without achievement and willing to learn the software you will run in circles forever whilst others, probably much younger folks, will overrun you with their skills in the meantime.

                    go to AdobeTV
                    take the fine manual an read
                    or get yourself an acccount at lynda.com an you're good to go, before you're smashing other peoples nerves here.
                    Adobe forums is a very good place when you got stuck with a deeper problem, not with basics.

                    by the way, no, this is not a rant against you.
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                      Andrew Yoole MVP & Adobe Community Professional
                      Click on the little checkerboard button at the bottom of the comp preview window - it toggles checkerboard transparency mode, so it looks like transparency in Photoshop.
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                        Tpfkas Level 1
                        Hi Andrew,
                        Thx again for your help. I created a new project and imported the files again and for some reason it now works as expected.

                        I am a relative novice on AE but have long time experience with Photoshop and Premiere. I can assure you that I did go over the relevant pages of the AE manual and watched some of the video tutorials before posting my question here. I did not know that this forum was reserved for posting advanced questions only. If you're getting "your nerves smashed" by questions like this, you're free to just skip them... No offence and case closed.
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                          Hi Ton,

                          I had the same issue, for future reference check that the PSD file itself is in RGB mode when you create it / save it. The PSD's don't keep the transparency layer on import unless they're RGB...

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                            Hi. I had the same problem. I was ripping off my hair cause my job was finished but suddenly, that problem appears. Finally, (I found it the day after)  for some reason, the active camera view switched to front view.   So much commotion for nothing...