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    Cloud settings question in trapcode


      I have a project where I need to have some clouds, i first used simple images and animated them, but that wasn't what I was lookin for estheticaly.

      So I want to use Trapcode form to make a realistic cloud, with some motion in it, I prefer.

      But I am not familiar enough with this plug-in, if you have any tips on making a realistic cloud in trapcode, please give them.

      I also have one suggestion: I would like to Alpha map my cloud image in the plug in, that way I'll have fewer particles where the cloud is transparent/semi-transparent, correct me if I'm wrong?

      Thanks in Advance?

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          The Trapcode Help page should give you enough information to get you going.

          The section on Layer Maps will answer your questions about Maps and
          Alpha. You are given several choices for how the particle grid draws its
          values for color and alpha channel.

          The only way to find out if the plug in will give you the desired
          results is to take the demo version and play with it.
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            Tom, your logic is flawed. Less density doesn't mean fewer particles, it means that the opacity of each particle is reduced. You wouldn't be able to control the density anyway, but it's perfectly possible to control particle Opacity and Size. For basic clouds, you'd simply create a Fractal Noise map in a pre-comp, use Shift Channels to derive an Alpha channel from Luminance/ Lightness and project it along the Y or Z axis in Form. Some light swaying can easily be added by using Form's internal Fractal Field. As Raymond suggested, simply download the trial and give it a whirl. It's not at all that hard...