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    Chroma key question

    richardELeach Level 1

      I'm shooting some green screen footage with my Canon XH-A1s, 1080i HD. The footage is going to live on the web in a Flash movie and on Youtube. I'm running After Effects CS4 on a MacPro with 16gb RAM.

      I'm curious to know if anyone can suggest the best Render settings to use. I'm getting better at the deinterlacing and color correction but with all of the settings that AECS4 has I'd love to learn how others have succeeded with rendering the footage, especially with needing to put it up on Youtube and using Flash.

      Any feedback will be greatly appreciated!


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          craulmedia Level 1
          for compression output: there's so many ways and tools and experimenting depending on your footage. i think others could help you better on that topic.

          I just suggest buying an account at vimeo and feeling lucky with the results you can achieve in HD because you have more headroom to work to achive beautiful and stunning results for online distribution.
          Personally i think paying for good service drops the amount of headaches because of miserable upload, quality and playback performance, nearly to zero.

          treat vimeo with respect and as an artist platform and the good things come back repeatedly, over and over again.

          youtube content can be of course interesting, but all in all it's short fun, commenting comes mainly from morons, quality is sh**t, performance is ugly, YT is a can of garbage, a money sucking engine but no one really recognizes it...

          However, my name stands for rants about a lot of topics, but thats how life's going ;) at least, as an independent human beeing, you can choose for yourself what's good or wheter what's not, what's true or wheter what's not... uuuups, at last point, we're all carry mistakes...

          however, live long and prosper!