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    RSS feed for comments on After Effects Help

    Todd_Kopriva Level 8
      I just added a post on my blog to show people how to subscribe to an RSS feed for comments on After Effects CS4 Help on the Web.

      If you want to get updates as people post tips, tricks, corrections, links to tutorials, et cetera, then subscribe.

      You should subscribe to my blog while you're at it. I occasionally beat Rich Young to a piece of useful information about After Effects. Not often, but occasionally.

      I'm also trying to remind people that Adobe strongly encourages people to add comments to Help on the Web. We want you to use this platform to spread your knowledge about After Effects to all users. We're not concerned about you using this platform to promote yourselves; if your self-promotion helps After Effects users, then have at it. (Of course, we do reserve the right to moderate posts and remove the ones that we determine to not be helpful to After Effects users.)