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    Can this be done with After Effects?

      Hello, everyone.

      I use Adobe's software as a hobby to tweak famous videos to parodies and satires. Photoshop Extended and Premiere Pro have always sufficed, but seeing as how I also have After Effects at my disposal, I was wondering if these kinds of video alterations can be done easier and quicker (and better) in AE.

      I need to stress though that I've never used AE before in my life, so for starters I just need some basic pointers here, just to know if what I need done can be done at all.

      Basically, I have an opening title sequence of a very famous TV show whose parts I need to alter. Those parts include title credits and certain letters that are animated in the sequence, photos of the actors and some other images (both in motion).

      I need to change the titles to my own titles, the photos of the actors to my my own photos and the other images to my own as well.

      Is there a way to do this is AE or is the tedious frame-by-frame work in Photoshop Extended the only way to go about this?

      Any help would be much appreciated.

      Thanks in advance.
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          Dan Jacobsen Level 1

          it's hard to be sure without seeing it but i would think that AE is exactly what you need.

          are you altering the footage or building your own from scratch using the footage as a guide.

          I would imagine they way you want to go is to build from scratch. however do bring the footage into AE, you can put it on the bottom layer and it will be invaluable as a guide for positioning, timing, sizes, etc.

          i'd recommend classroom in a book. it got me started on AE and gives a great overview of the interface. you can achieve a lot after doing these tutorials. i picked up one for PS on amazon for less than £20 for my Bro-in-law.

          good luck
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            Level 1
            Hey, Dan, thanks a lot for your answer.

            Well, actually I just want to change some parts of the original footage, so I guess that would count as altering and not building from scratch?

            Basically, I want to use the original title sequence of the show and only change some parts of some shots (for example, changing the words "Jack" to "Frank", or changing a word in English to another language, or changing a photo of an actor that appears for a couple of seconds to one of my own photos - just your typical parody workings, I guess).

            I will definitely try to get my hands on as many tutorials as I'll be able to, but I'd really appreciate some starters info on whether this can be done in AE at all, or if I need use use PS Extended and go frame-by-frame for this.

            Thanks again for any input you may provide.
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              Todd_Kopriva Level 8
              I recommend working your way through the video tutorials listed here and reading the "General workflow" section of After Effects Help, including the comments at the bottom of that page.

              These resources will show you what you can do with After Effects and give you a basic grounding in the terminology and concepts so that you can ask focused questions here.

              For a description of how After Effects works with Photoshop and Premiere Pro (and how it compares and contrasts with those applications), see the "Working with After Effects and other applications" section.