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    shatter effect error

      I've had success using shatter on a psd file of a logo at the beginning of my project.

      I'm getting errors and the render looks different than the ram preview later on when I'm using it as a transition between photos. I used fractal and colorama to create a custom shatter map on both instances. I want it to look like its exploding out from the center in a radial wipe sort of way. It looks great when I ram preview it, but keeps erroring at different times and the rendered version looks more like a random explosion.

      Any ideas?
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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
          Check your bit-depth and quality settings. Quite possible you were previewing at a different resolution and bit-depth and it affects how the map is calculated, especially since both Colorama and Fractal Noise are 16bpc and 32bpc enabled and will produce different ranges in those modes.