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    Missteach Level 1

      I did an update of my CS3 master collection today. Additionally, updated Norton, Ad-Aware and PCTools.

      When I ran Ad-Aware, it picked up a virus in After Effects named Win32.Trojan.Inject and indicated it was the following file that was the culprit:

      After Effects CS3\Support Files\MOG-Framework_r.

      Anyone else got this and know how it infected AECS3?

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          craulmedia Level 1
          if you do a quick google you'll find different possible threats to your subject.
          I could be wrong but wether Norton nor Kaspersky do have any information on that specific Trojan.

          Assuming you have a Licensed version of Master Collection i'd ran a full virus scan with norton.

          i've had troubles with different AV software which stopped Winamp from working anytime i wanted to update the software. excluding a specific file from scanning in the AV programm quit those nasty games.
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            Andrew Yoole MVP & Adobe Community Professional
            From TechSupportForum:

            > Win32.Trojan.Inject is malware that injects itself into legitimate processes. It may run behind processes as svchost.exe, iexplorer.exe and rundll32.exe. While running protected by another process, it may contact remote domains to download more malware. Its purpose is to hide itself from the visible processes and infect the users system.

            Sounds like the Trojan probably existed elsewhere in your system prior to the CS3 update.
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              Missteach Level 1

              Master Collection CS3 legit. Norton and PC Tools didn't find it. But Ad-Aware did and asked to quarantine it. I haven't done yet because I wanted to see what others here might have experienced.

              Only other new prog installed has been Cubase 5 (Legit)last weekend.

              Is the .dll file essential? Can I delete it?

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                I can report the same problem as Mark Struthers. I ran adaware and it found Win32.Trojan.Inject in the same file (MOG-Framework_r. I quarantined it and ran adaware again with the very same results!

                How does one get rid of Win32.Trojan.Inject?

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                  There is always the possibility of a false positive.