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    Vista 64 bit / XP Pro / AE CS3 question...

      I have a workstation with dual quad cores (2.5 GHz each). My current OS is XP Pro. Someone just told me that they have an extra copy (legal) of Vista 64 bit that I can have. I was thinking of doing a dual boot, because I want to be able to stay with XP if Vista doesn't work out, and I don't want to do a clean install at this point because it took me three days to do the new install for my new system.

      I am not much of a geek and all the details are a bit daunting. Can anyone tell me if the dual boot is a good thing, especially for After Effects CS3 and the rest of the CS3 Production Premium? Are there any things I need to be concerned about?

      I am excited about the possibilities of more RAM for AE, but have heard so many conflicting reports about whether AE can use more than 4 GB, problems with drivers, etc. Any wisdom would be GREATLY appreciated.


      Dell Precision T7400
      Dual Quad Core
      4 GB RAM
      Nvidia Quadro FX 570
      SATA drives
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          Jonas Hummelstrand Level 2
          Adobe Production Premium license will let you install and activate on two machines (or OS:es in this case) as long as you don't use them at the same time, so a dual-boot will work fine!

          Each AE instance can only use between 2-4 GB (depending on which OS you are using) but with AE's built-in "multi processing" you can automatically start one instance for each processor/core you have. It's recommended to have at least 2 GB per processor.

          - Jonas Hummelstrand