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    motion stabilization

      I am working on a stop-motion sequence in after effects and have a question about how to stabilize the motion of the sequence. We have a series of photos which have been taken progressively of a building beening built and the camera was accidentally moved a few times from its original position. The photos have been imported in series of JPEG sequences. I used the motion tracking panel to attempt to correct the problem (set 1 track point, analyzed it, and then clicked apply)...

      I noticed that the track point often has a difficult time sticking to where it was first placed...from the first frame to the next (where the camera jump occurred)...
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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
          Try Magic Bullet Steady. Simple tracking will not solve your issue anyway. What you need is a way to average the pixel differences and that requires more magic than simply pinning one point. You will not avoid manual adjustments, though. Some items will be too far off, so you need to manually position them in a sub-comp, then run the stabilization with MB Steady on the sub-comp layer in your main comp.