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    Text Manufacturing

      What would be the easiest way to produce text effects in such a way where if I decided later to change the effects (animation, colors, fonts, etc) I could so so and it would apply to all of the text layers?
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          BTW, right now I have everything as different compositions but certainly
          up for making it different layers.

          One issue is I need to use Dynamic Link to bring over one text item at a time into Premiere.
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            scripting probably.

            otherwise you're stucked when it comes to change font attributes, color, etc. over several compositions.

            this is a request i'm still requesting for ages. there would be different smart attempts to implement it - templates for example, but it does not seem to bother anyone... sadly
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              If you mean keep the same text change the effects you could build a library of animation presets. I've created dozens of templates and presets for my clients. It becomes part of their style book that they can use as they please later on.

              If you mean change the text, keep the effects then I'd pre-compose you text elements. Most of my text animations involve several copies of the same text so using a pre-comp makes it easy to change the text once and have it ripple down through the composition.

              Without knowing more about your project and your workflow it is hard to say what is the most efficient way to handle anything.
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                Firstly I am very much a newbie, and will most likely need a few steps in before being able to implement it.

                Specifically, in Movie openings where credits seem to appear in very unique ways for nearly every movie. How can I duplicate this. Meaning, whatever is done for one piece of text must be able to be applied to some degree to all of them. If I decide to add another attribute, or effect, I would like it to get applied to all other text items. Currently I am using different compositions because I need to use Dynamic Link and it seems to bring in composition objects, but not specific layers for use in Premiere.
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                  The only way to automatically access font information for a text layer is through scripting, and this is only possible in AE CS4. Unfortunately, I haven't upgraded yet, so I can't offer any guidance on this at the moment. The animation and color can be changed through text animators, which can be saved as animation presets.
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                    As pointed out by the others, there are severe limitations in automating text. Especially adding formatting attributes and effects will always be a dealbreaker. However, I think you are simply employing the wrong strategy here. IMO you are too concerned with retaining the content prior to even having defined the style. Perhaps if you reversed your approach you'd be much happier. Define a style, then have a script generate the rest based on your template composition. And lest we forget - even without scripts there's a number of ways of getting semi-automated stuff by saving animation presets, spiced up with expressions.