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    eventual audio RAM preview problem...

    vh2 Level 1
      AE CS3 (with Production Premium): When I include audio in my RAM previews, at first, the previews are instantaneous (as they are supposed to be), but after 15 minutes or so, AE starts to take a long time to RAM preview any comp that has audio in it. When I disable audio for RAM preview, everything goes fast again. If I shut down AE, and start again, everything is good again - but the same problem starts all over again and eventually, I have the same problem with audio. This problem happens even if I occasionally purge the memory cache. Any ideas?

      I have 4 GB of RAM.
      I have enabled the 3GB switch.
      Win XP Pro.
      Dell Precision T7400 - Dual Quad core.
      Lots of HD space.
      Nvidia Quadro FX 570.
      Sound Card: Creative Soundblaster X-Fi