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    Reduce File Size?  - At or After Render Queue

      I have an Adobe After Effects final composition that runs at time of 0;01;36;24 at 29.97 fps, with no audio, and it is built for replay on a 27" 1920x1200 monitor. There is no live action video included, only Adobe Illustrator assets are imported and manipulated. I have minimal (1 instance) of using the After Effects 'Effects and Presets' tools. Additionally, I have included cameras and lights, and my final composition is composed of 8 pre-comps.

      When I export (or render queue) the final comp, it comes out being a file size of 17.+ GB. Obviously, this is not conducive to transport, or play back. I can render it off at half resolution (960x600), but it appears blurry when viewed on the 27" monitors. (no doubt because I am mentally comparing it to the full version).

      Is there a way to render the composition off at 3/4 resolution, OR use a codec to reduce the file size without loosing dropping the resolution by half or less?