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    Options to make 3D (extruded) text in AE CS3

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      Is there a way now to create real extrusions in text/shapes in AE CS3? Or, some other way to create that affect (...where you can actually rotate around a 'real' extrusion)?

      I see that AE CS3 should allow 3D objects to be imported, but haven't been able to get that working right.

      Could someone outline my options for creating this effect (with brief instructions on how to do that)? Right now, all I've found is ways to import IMAGES from 3D apps (and then import the camera data). I'm just looking for a way to somehow create/import 3D text into AE, and then be able to track video footage and have the text comp'd in (tracked to it). Ya, the old 'Panic Room title sequence' effect. I figure that I may have to just track it 2D (4 point) as a 2D image, if I can't track a 3D object.

      I have Cinema4D (XL v7... old) for 3D, and the CS3 production suite (AE, Illlustrator, Photoshop). I imagine there are a few routes I can take (...create 3D object in C4D, create text in Illustrator).

      I'm surprised there still doesn't appear to be a way to just extrude (real 3D extrude) text or vector shapes/masks in AE. that would be a really handy feature...