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    From AE to SWF : some general doubts


      I have made a little project with After Effects CS3 : some animated text who 'jazz' for about 4 seconds and then turns to its original position.

      In order to upload it to my site, I exported it into .swf format, and all worked OK, even if the size is quite big (which doesn't put many problems by now).
      I located the files in the correspondent folder, and paste the code AE provided me with into my html file.

      I have from there on several doubts:

      - the code have an "if" statement trying to assure the user will be owning a determinated script : AC_RunActiveContent.js. Why is it important ? In which case the user would be without it, or avoiding its download ?

      - I see, below that first part of the code, a second one : a "noscript" html tag, which seems to provide with an alternative, embedding the video as an 'object'. The video seems resized (argh). Are there more inconvenients beyond that one ?

      - Finally, a very basic question : as it seems to be this two posibilities (javascript vs. flash player + video), what if the user don't have a flashplayer (or an adequated version) ? Will he see the typical dialog asking for a download ?

      And that's all. Thanks very much if someone can clarify me out how to deal with this !
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          You are worrying too much. Scripts are automatically downloaded, so the user does not need to worry. You need of course put them on the server along with your main content. The rest is pretty much standard procedure for "good conduct". The noscript and object tags merely serve as a fallback option, if e.g. ActiveX has been disabled or Java is being suppressed/ not correctly installed. And yes, of course they should at least trigger a warning to enable the functions or download the latest version of Adobe Flash Player...

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            Hi Mylenium, thanks for the answer, still getting situated :D

            thanks again,