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    audio sometimes missing on imported QTs

    Dan Jacobsen Level 1
      hi all.

      sometimes when i import a QT into AE the audio seems to go missing.

      if i play the QT on the desktop it's fine but inside the little switch controlling whether you hear the audio or not is greyed out or solid.

      it seems to be an intermittant error.

      I can import previous QTs and they are fine.

      looking at the info page for one that works and one that doesn't the only difference seems to be 'channel count 2' for the one that works

      and 'channel count 1' for the one that doesn't

      I think it's a problem in how they are generated (they are coming from autodesk smoke) but i wondered if there's anything i can do at the AE end to get it working.

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
          Can you see in QT Pro's Movie Properties panel to which channels the audio is actually assigned? They may simply not be on 1 and 2, but have shifted or assigned custom names/ ID's, possibly when they were exported from smoke* to retain the order of the clips as they were on the timeline in case the file is re-imported into a system that reads the info back and can auto-assign tracks... Certainly more of an issue in the Autodesk product that should be possible to fix with the flip of a switch...