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    Rendering CS3 projects on CS4 Watch Folder

      We've upgraded most artists to AE CS4. Almost everyone still has CS3 running as well. For the render farm, it needed to be rebuild, so after a clean install of Windows I just put CS4 Render Engine with our full suite of plugins. Now when we submit a watch folder render from CS3, the watch folder machines just skips over it. I get this message as it scans the file "Render control file not valid for xxxxx.aep".

      I know an easy solution would be to just open the project in CS4 and resubmit it. Or move completely to CS4. But those aren't options for now. Any thoughts or ideas?

      I assumed since CS4 is newer than CS3... it should be able to just render the CS3 projects no problem. I guess I was wrong.

      Thanks for any input.
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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
          Well, as you said yourself: Open in CS4 and re-submit. Some features have been changed (e.g. PAR, 32bpc rendering of shape layers, mask linking with expressions and a few others) and the CS4 render engine would refuse to render, because those features involve a conscious decision of the user, which you get by opening it in the editing environment... I don't think there#s any other way.