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    Strange AVI format?

    fredo viola Level 1
      Hello there,

      Somebody sent me some footage using a strange AVI format. My mac's quicktime can't recognize it, nor does AfterEffects. There's sound but no picture!

      IV50, 8 bit unsigned integer...

      Is there something I need to download to be able to recognize this?

      - Fredo
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          craulmedia Level 1
          AVI is a container (same as a quicktime *.mov is) that can contain various codecs.
          playing back audio but no video is definetly a missing codec issue.
          if quicktime opens it, press command+i for information, if quicktime won't open, try "mpeg streamclip" with "perian" component installed.
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            Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
            IV50? Indeo Video 5.0, an advanced commercial CoDec not compatible with the original Indeo CoDec. PC only, so there's no chance at all to open it on Mac.

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              craulmedia Level 1
              oh dear, i've missed the line above. indeo 5.0, seem to be no way on a mac.
              if it helps you can try two things:

              try VLC player opening that file, VLC also has an option to transcode formats but results may vary or fail.

              download mpeg streamclip for Windows (of course you need a windows PC ;)
              and try to convert it to an uncompressed format or FotoJpeg @ 75% quality, even MotionJpeg @ 100% is nearly lossless with reasonable file sizes. the benefit of using MotionJpeg is the ability to set the correct field order b4 transcoding.
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                Navarro Parker Level 3
                If you have access to a Mac that can boot Classic/OS 9, you can use the Mac Indeo drivers and use OS 9's Quicktime Pro convert it to a more modern format.

                I keep an old Mac around with 10.4 and Classic loaded up for just such emergencies. Keep in mind that I haven't seen any great footage compressed with any Indeo codec. Mostly tiny web movies.
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                  fredo viola Level 1
                  oh, Navarro... you are so right about quality. Holy crap, it's like 5 frames per second! hahahah. But it served it's purpose. Thanks everyone for all the help!