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    Replacing a Sign on a Building - Motion Tracking Questions...

    CharlesCambel Level 1
      First off, I should mention that I'm using AE CS3.

      I have a shot of a basic zoom in on a building with a rectangular sign. The sign isn't shot straight on, so it's at an angle, but you can see all four corners.

      I'm trying to replace the sign with a new one, so I figured I would have to motion track the 4 corners of the sign.

      I haven't done a track like this before and I was wondering if anyone could help me out with:

      1. How should I track this shot?
      2. Should I apply the track to a null object?
      3. I have the new sign as a pre-comp - how can I get the new sign to scale in accordingly as the camera zooms in on it?

      Does anyone know of any tutorials or videos that show how to accomplish this task with CS3's motion tracking capabilities?