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    craulmedia Level 1
      I BET a thousand dollar bill it won't be in the Ae 9.0.2 update.
      it's horrile without.

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
          Well, you could buy Synthetic Aperture's Test Gear... It has one as does the old SwatchBuckler plugin from Buena Software (now Digieffects).

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            Navarro Parker Level 3
            Here's a handy trick I do. Build a custom color palette in PS or IL, import it and turn it into a guide layer then lock it. Now you can use the eyedropper to select colors in your palette and it doesn't render.

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              craulmedia Level 1
              thanks for suggestions.

              I do not buy anything anymore, Mylenium, i've already spent so far to much money on plugins and simple solutions Ae won't bring. But thanks for reply.

              Navarro, your solution seems to be the only one you can share with maltaannons idea for kuler workflow. http://maltaannon.com/articles/after-effects/kuler-workflow/

              but both are somehow, how can i say, a way of goofing around from projects to projects.

              Ae should support swatches, im-/exporting Adobe apps palletes. can't count how often is suggested that feature, doing it since start of CS.

              However, Thank you guys a million.