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    m2ts avchd render issues

      Everytime i Render a m2ts (avchd) on After effects....the video skips back and fourth... I tried everything and got the same problem.... It doesn;t happen to other videos...only m2ts videos.... I dont want to convert it.... I want the best possible quality... anybody can help?

      I also want to eventually burn my videos to a blu-ray....what is the best possible format?

      Also my cam is 5.1 surround sound.... Which adobe program can i use to keep that audio on the video so i can burn it on blu-ray? After effects only has stereo...i think...unless i dont know where to look

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
          Your whole workflow sounds very unhealthy and technically incorrect. Your description is also rather vague.

          a) 5.1 Surround? How would you record that with just a normal microphone? It may be AC3, but it is very doubtful that it is surround. It may contain multiple channels, but definitely all the action is just stereo.

          b) Retaining the sound as multichannel surround is not possible in any editing program I know. You will have to extract the sound to a separate multichannel WAV and assign each channel to its respective track. AE is stereo, but then again it's merely a compositing tool, not an audio mixing app.

          c) When you render to m2t, regardless of what you think, you already have converted your footage. All of AE's internal processing is uncompressed and it will expand any source footage to full RGB. Any successive compression is a foll re-compress, not a stream transcode. Hence your efforts are in vain and the whole point is moot.

          d) If and when you render to any MPEG-2/4 derivative, use the specific Encoders, not Quicktime or AVI wrappers.

          e) BluRay is H.264 or MPEG-2 at the respective framerates and resolutions. Depending on what comes out of your camera, conversions may be necessary, but since you didn't provide that info, it's unclear how you plan to proceed.

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            (Daniel_Labrie) Level 1
            My camera is the new sony HDR-xr520v.. It has Dolby 5.1


            I record my foice to the left of the camera and hear it on the left surround speaker from my ps3 when i put the video in the ps3.

            THATS surround sound.

            My problem is when i import M2ts files on after effects cs4 and then render it.. to any file type... I then watch the video and it skips,.....the video skips like a scratched music cd... thats not vague at all. Someone else please help...this guy no help... insult...i know more then you thinkl
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              Andrew Yoole MVP & Adobe Community Professional
              All the advice Mylenium has given you is valid.

              a) Your description of your problem IS vague - what exactly do you mean by "skipping" - do you mean dropping frames? Or missing segments? Or do you mean forward-backward fluctuations like incorrect field order may cause? How are you viewing the rendered footage when you see this "skipping"?

              b) Mylenium meant that true surround sound can't be captured from one mic - the system in your camera is a synthesized simulation of true surround. I looked up the camera specs and there's no info on Sony's site about what format the audio is encoded at. Ultimately it doesn't matter for this discussion: After Effects cannot process anything other than mono or stereo sound, so you are best off dealing with your audio in a package like Soundbooth or Premiere Pro.

              c) As Mylenium said, as soon as you open a footage file in AE, you are decompressing it (converting it), meaning it will have to be recompressed again later. So there's not much point worrying about "not converting it", just make sure you use a lossless intermediate codec until you recompress your end product.

              e) The specs from your camera say this about it's video format:

              * Format : HD: MPEG4 AVC/H.264; SD: MPEG2

              * Video Signal : HD: 1920 x 1080/60i; SD: NTSC color, EIA standards

              That's not enough to determine BluRay compatibility - you'll need to read the documentation for your camera and supplied software.
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                Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
                >My camera is the new sony HDR-xr520v.. It has Dolby 5.1
                >THAT IS SURROUND SOUND.

                No, it isn't - unless you plug in the additional minimum 3 microphones to capture true surround. As Andrew said, it's a mock synthesis based on analysing the relative angle and distance to the microphone. That's nothing to write home about - audio delay, doppler effects and such have been known for eons and are actually what is used to derive pseudo-positional data. A good audio engineer can create that illusion even from a mono track. As for the skipping - certainly either an issue with the GOPs in the source streams or simply too high data rates on playback, which may cause unexpected delays. Have you tried alternate media players such as VLC, SUPER© or MPlayer Classic? does it skip there?

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                  (Daniel_Labrie) Level 1
                  I don't care if it compresses or decompresses or fart and [profanity deleted by forum host] when i import videos in after effects.

                  My only problem is not vague.....it doesn't matter how it skips... it goes forward-backward ...LIKE I SAID LIKE A MUSIC CD THAT IS SCRATCHED... Also I know its not the player or whatever. It happens on all players! If i burn it it will skip.

                  I just want to be able to import a m2ts file in after effects....edit it add effects. THEN RENDER IT TO ANY [profanity deleted by forum host] format without the video skipping. THAT IS NOT VAGUE. THATS THE PROBLEM...THERES NOT MUCH ELSE I CAN SAY...THATS THE ONLY PROBLEM...EXACTLY THAT. SOME ONE ELSE REPLY CUZ YOU GUYS ARE VAGUE WITH YOUR ANSWERS!
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                    (Daniel_Labrie) Level 1

                    Surround sound doesn;t always have to be coded info ... it giving me surround sound no matter what code it has...and it does say dolby 5.1 on the [cam]!

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                      Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
                      Yeah, I love you, too! ;-) Behave, or you could find yourself in a pretty dark place that reads "your account has been deactivated and further access to the site has been blocked." Clearly you are forgetting your good manners (if you ever had them) and I hate to burst your bubble, but you will not get much help from people you mock and shout at. Anyway, I'm out of here...

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                        Todd_Kopriva Level 8
                        Daniel, you asked that someone else reply. So I am.

                        You have been rude and dismissive to two of the most consistently knowledgeable and helpful people on this forum. Please help us all to keep the tone of this forum courteous and professional. If you do, then you will be more likely to get good answers to your questions.
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                          (Daniel_Labrie) Level 1
                          I don't give a ****... and no they aren;t helpfull! They are VAGUE As everyone else in this forum. Ban me i dont care! I can find some other place to have my question's answered.....oh wait...I DID! HA and everything worked out great.

                          GO ahead>> MAKE MY ******* DAY!

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                            I think I have the same problem that Daniel is/was having. I will try to explain the best I can. Keep in mind I am a novice and by no means highly technical. First some background: I edit sports video for college bound athletes. I put together highlight videos for them. When I am filming I start/stop the camera at the beginning/end of a play so I can easily identify/edit "clips". I have imported 10 AVCHD "clips" from my Sony HDR-SR11 to a Premiere Pro CS4 project. I am using the "AVCHD 1080i anamorphic/29.97fps" sequence setting as my output for this project will be a 1440x1080 mepeg2 file. So I get my clips in the timeline add some transitions, no major edits, render the work area and playback. Everything looks fine, all clips play smooth. Now here's the rub. I want to freeze play, highlight an athlete then continue play. To do this I am using AFTER EFFECTS (NOTE I have done this with HDV footage off my Canon HV20 camera with no problems) so anyway with the new CS4 edition I can right click on a clip in my timeline and choose "replace with after effects composition"....I do and the clip migrates to AE into a a composition ready for me to work my magic. So my method for freezing play is select the "clip" in the composition, Ctrl-Alt-T for time remapping. I add 5 seconds to the duration of the composition since I am going to add time when I freeze the clip. I find the point in the clip where I want to freeze it. I place a "time remap" keyframe at that point. I then drag my mouse to highlight the keyframe I just placed and the keyframe at the end of the clip......I drag them to the right 2 seconds, then cut/paste the keyframe I added which is placed by the CTI (which is still at the original point). Now I have a 2 second freeze in play. I add a white solid and do some masking to highlight the athlete during that freeze. And that's it.....I press "O" then "N" to define the work area then I choose "trim comp to work area" from the composition menu. I repeat this process to all my clips and here is where I see the problem I think Daniel has. I go back to my timeline in PP and I play the first clip......I see my freeze/highlight edits from AE just fine but on SOME clips......2 out of 5 for example.....I get jittery playback. I will try to explain "jittery playback". So I decided to scrub thru the clip frame by frame to see what is going on. So within 29 frames this is what I see. Girl is getting ready to serve a volleyball....Frame 1-15....she steps forward to serve THEN at frame 18 she pops back to the starting point...IT LOOKS LIKE FRAMES 1-12 ARE BEING REPEATED. I scrub the rest of the clip and this happens at random points....a small block of frames gets repeated throughout the clip which in the end looks like "jitter" or "jumpy" motion. Now I follow the same workflow in AE for each clip BUT this "jitter" does not happen on every clip...only some. So is my workflow at fault or is AE/PP/Adobe still buggy when it comes to working with AVCHD codec??
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                              Andrew Yoole MVP & Adobe Community Professional
                              ^ David, please refer to your other thread for my reply:

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                                To solve my problem all I had to do is click on the setup.exe for premiere and after effects and install 3rd party stuff and other crap. Now premiere pro cs4 supports it and after effects cs4 can render the videos with m2ts (avchd) fine in any format without the skip back and foward.

                                And if you look up sony hdr-xr520v on the sony.com web site...it cleary says 5.1 dobly. Wich is surround sound. Like i said before.. I tested it! I record my voice on the left or right...i hear my voice on the left or the right! I recorded and then transfered the videos in my PS3 to test this. Premiere pro does support 5.1 Checked that too! No reason for me about this!

                                5.1 doesn't always have to be that special coded information and special mic . It has a built in mic to do that 5.1 channel thing... thats what real surround is...just surround sound....no need codes or whatever! the definition of surround is whatever surrounding you. Surround sound...sounds surrounding you lol The word speaks for itself...no need to explain!

                                How do you like them apples!
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                                  so what 3rd party software did you install?

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                                    Hey Guys,

                                      I am having somewhat of a similar problem it seems.  I've shot all my footage on a canon 5d mark II, and I've done some animating on top of it.  Every time I render and export the video, it seems to skip always in the same areas, as in the footage will stall but the music will keep on playing and then skip to a later section of the video. 


                                    It's to my understanding that AE cs4(which I'm using) has trouble with the frame rate of my camera 30fps, and AE likes 29.97 fps?  But that's pretty much about it that I can wrap my head around, as in what may possibly be causing these problems.  I don't want to have to go through the trouble of compressing the footage through a third party compressor (hopefully it is not absolutely necesarry).  I've checked the original footage files and they are not corrupt. I repeat the footage throughout the video several times, but it only skips & stalls in the same areas, while remaining perfectly fine in other portions of the video.


                                    My question is:  Is there an ideal setting to export my video so my video doesn't skip? 


                                    I really appreciate anyones advice




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                                      JaysonM-Y Level 3

                                      mmm... Daniel looks like a Troll and an epic one at that, I can tell by the repetition of inflammatory material and from seeing quiet a few trolls in my time.

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                                        Daniel is neither a troll nor a bad guy. He is having the same  problem as I am, that some are not understanding. His camera also has 5 microphones inbuilt , so yes he does have sound surround, as I also have. After a week of  experimenting with the sporadic repeat frames of up to 20 frame segments in one clip, on  approximitely 20 percent of  AVCHD shots, and an echo-stutter in the first 1 to two seconds of  clips,... and transcoding,   etc, etc, for a depressing  solid week, I find that I can render out the project... find which shots glitch, then go back into premier, render off that shot, cut out the repeat frames, and  readjust audio if necessary, render it out again and have it fixed.The problem is  worse in 24p.Sometimes the problem does not appear in one render, but appears in another, sometimes is provoked by a transition or effect being  applied. On one project the  project would run fine until it  hit the  same offending clip , and   froze the  whole program so I rendered the  offending clip in Virtual dub, replaced it on the timeline and the  project  got through to a good end. When rendering  the offending clips, which are consistently glitched, in  Virtualdub, using a lagarith lossless codec, the audio is always out of sinc. I thought that the problem was an unstable coding  problem in the camera, but I read that  others with other cameras are having the same problem , so it  must be that  Adobe has not quite perfected the  AVCHD thing. I used to use Sony vegas when I first got the camera, and it used to take the first frame of the next clip and put it on the end of the first clip , requiring  trimming  of thousands of clips in a given project . So.. I conclude that  the AVCHD is still a shakey thing that software writers still have not got all the bugs ironed out of yet. The clips still glitch if rendered without audio, so there is a coding shakeyness there where frame identification gets written or read whackey sporadically. I have not been able to  find any consistency in which shots are going to glitch. But I have been able to get the projects to finally render out clean after lots of rerendering and fixing of offending shots. I would be very interested to know what third party things  Daniel installed that fixed his problem. When I first installed Premier I had no problem for a year, but it is becoming more common after a reinstall, but I cannot find anything that might be affecting things as I have  done nothing different in the reinstall from the  previous one.there may be  some secret  little bit of code that a third party   thing  is able to supply to get  things to  go smoothly. Give Daniel a fair hearing.