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    Final Export darker than original clip

      I've got a clip I need to do a logo on in AE. It's DVCPRO-HD 720p/24p. I put the logo in on AE, then exported it, and imported back in FCP, and it was noticeable darker than the original clip. I exported it with best settings, the only thing I altered on the render queue was checking audio output. What am I doing wrong? I need to export a good version of this tonight. Thanks ahead of time for the help!
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          craulmedia Level 1
          Which codec you are using?
          Mybe it's Color Workingspace.
          Set Project Workspace to none or ITU Rec. 709
          Gamma correction in AE or Quicktime Settings may also cause this phenomenon.
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            Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
            Yeah, like Thomas said - what CoDec? There's a number of known issues with ProRes, which are fixed with one update on the Adobe part only for Apple to break them again with the next Pro Apps update.... It's realyl a tricky thing and depends on the combination of what version of AE, FCP and QT is on your system. That aside, enabling color profiles should provide an acceptable workaround, even if in technical terms it may not be 100% correct.