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    NOOB loop question

    richardELeach Level 1

      I have a simple 2 layer project, a .jpg on each layer with each layer set to 1.5 seconds each, giving me a 3 second long compostion. I'd like to loop the composition 5 times, and the docs say to do that using Interpret Footage but it's always greyed out and unavailable. How do I do this simple task?


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          Andrew Yoole MVP & Adobe Community Professional
          The loop function in Interpret Footage only works with external footage content, like Quicktime or AVI files.

          Since you only need 5 repeats, I'd probably just make your loop manually by precomposing the original 2 layers, then pasting 5 copies and spreading them along the timeline.

          For a more universal solution, you can use Time Remapping and expressions to loop a layer.

          Precompose your existing comp so it is one precomp layer.
          Trim the precomp to the required start & end point of the loop if necessary.
          Activate Time remapping, which should automatically create a start and end keyframe
          Extend the duration of the layer
          Place this expression on the time remapping parameter:

          > loopOut("cycle")
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            Tim Dougherty
            You can also export your project as uncompressed, then re-import/interpret footage. You can also use the proxy funtion on your comp and it will do the same thing. I haven't done it before but I've read about it. Search the help file.

            But anything using expressions has a much bigger cool factor!
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              Navarro Parker Level 3
              Yes, I've long complained that AE needs basic looping features. Making new users resort to expressions is a pretty big requirement.
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                (Steve_Patterson) Level 1
                How about trimming your current comp's duration to the duration of the loop, dropping the precomp into a new comp 5 times the duration, duplicating your precomp four times, and then sequencing the layers? Easy as pie!
                Can take less than 10 seconds with nifty key commands and right-mouse clicks!
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                  richardELeach Level 1
                  Thanks to you all for your suggestions, I've had a lot of recent success discovering how to accomplish my desired result using your input. I also discovered a great site with some rather intense "how-to" videos for After Effects - granted they push their own product a little, but the lessons are free and extremely helpful, these folks are clearly experts. Check out http://ae.tutsplus.com/category/tutorials/ and also http://www.digitaljuice.com/dj_training/default.asp

                  Some seriously good stuff!

                  Hope these resources will help others - thanks again.