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      OK i'm trying to do a 'sand text' effect, you know where the text disintegrates using trapcode form. but for some reason when i map my text i get this really choppy text.
      when it should look like this

      im using this tutorial.
      http://cache.redgiantsoftware.com/_assets/uploads/file/community-tutorial/form_layer_map.h tml

      and so far i've done everything as they say it, i was having some issues because i had particles in z space so i was getting like 4 layers of it but i fixed that but now i still get this stepcase look and it's warped.
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          I recall some prior posts regarding how not all fonts display as cleanly
          as others. Search the forum for fonts and sometime in the last three
          months you should see some recommendations of fonts that tend to have
          cleaner display. This could be the problem.
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            That's normal behavior. Form works on a uniform grid and needs to quantize the pixel values to full increments for each cell. You would only be able to retain the illusion of smooth text by using an identical normal text layer, which you reveal e.g. with a linear wipe or mask with a feathered edge in sync with whatever Form does. Perhaps the tutorial just doesn't spell this out clearly enough... Dunno, simply don't have enough time to watch all those tutorials. ;-)